Did you know that employers receive hundreds of resumes from aspiring candidates when a job vacancy is advertised? Only the best resumes that catch the attention of the hiring manager eventually get selected. A lot of people underestimate the importance of a well written professional resume, but a resume gives managers an idea about who you are and whether you are a good fit for the job position. If you really want a good shot at your dream job, then it all begins with a good resume. The ideal resume should:

  • Give just the right amount of information without going overboard.
  • Reveal your interest and seriousness in applying for the job.
  • Communicates your value appropriately.
  • Gives a detailed idea about your educational qualifications, work experience and outline your career plan.
  • Have the proper formatting with certain words highlighted in bold or italics.
  • Should not look like a decorative piece of paper with too many fonts, illustrations or graphics.
CV Gold Touch is a leading Australian resume service which has helped better the lives of many job applicants across Australia. We offer two services that are available online on our website to all registered users. The first is where you can view and download our free resume templates, where all you have to do is fill in your particulars by yourself. If you would like a professional resume minus the usual hassles of formatting and editing, then our customized resume templates can be downloaded for a small fee. Simply pick up a resume sample of your choice, fill in your details online and our program will do the rest. What you get is a fully customized resume which can then be downloaded. You don't have to make any further changes to your customized resume- simply begin applying for jobs and get ready to impress any hiring manager!

Types of CVs On Offer

School-Leavers CV Service:
Once you are out of school with good grades and a strong record of extracurricular activities, you are probably wondering how to convince an employer to take on the responsibilities of a professional position. You might have experience working in retail, completed some office work, or you might have done your best work in a volunteer activity. With our online CV builder and the assistance of our experienced consultants you will have the resume and cover letter you'll need to open the doors to interviews. Your resume will highlight the benefits of your soon-to-be completed education, your campus leadership, your work ethic, and your value in the workplace.

Entry-Level CV Service:
Most hiring managers, will consider you as recent graduate if you've been in the workforce for less than two years. This will give you some additional job hunting challenges. With our online CV builder and experienced consultants you can have a resume and cover letter you will need to make your case highlighting the benefits of your recently completed education and your work experience, and convey your value to prospective employers.

Mid-Level CV Service:
Once you have a few of critical skills and knowledge behind you in your career , your CV will highlight the respect and confidence you have earned in the workplace, and increasingly critical responsibilities you have held in due course of your career. Now you are faced with the challenge of that, hiring managers will scrutinize your resume with a much more critical eye than before. With our online CV builder and the assistance of experienced consultants you can have a resume and cover letter you need to effectively convey your most relevant background information, skills, and accomplishments to hiring managers in a perfect, organized, and polished way as you're now ready to move further up the career ladder, perhaps into a position that will advance toward the senior appointments.

Senior-Level CV Service:
After building a career to be proud of if you are looking for the challenges of an even more senior position, or want to leverage your present experience to enter a new field, you are faced with the challenge now to create a distinctive resume that establishes the strength of your candidacy for the position. With our online CV builder and the assistance of experienced consultants you can have a resume and cover letter with information that is relevant to cover the breadth of your achievements showcasing your talents.

Executive-Level CV Service:
Executive jobs often include a complex set of hiring criteria. The employers look for leadership, vision, and results in the executive level CV. At this level you are faced with the challenge of deciding what details to keep, what to add, and what can safely be deleted from your experience and achievements to make your CV outstanding. With our online CV builder and the assistance of experienced consultants you can have a resume and cover letter that projects your personality and expresses your character and win the interviews for you to further display your leadership and results-driven skills. All of the above services are available using our automated online builder and we have online staff available 24x7 helping you to build your ultimate resume with the professional human touch.

Other Templated On Offer

Cover Letters
Sample cover letters and templates for a variety of occupations and employment situations.

Thank You Letters
Thank you letters for job interviews and career assistance, including how to write a thank you letter, who to thank, how to send your thank you letters, and sample thank you letters.

Resignation Letters
Sample resignation letters include a basic letter to say you are leaving, plus formal resignation letter samples thanking your employer. Follow Up Letters Follow up letters to send after an interview, and to follow up on a resume or a job application you have submitted.

CV Assessment
CV assessment service will enable you to evaluate the quality of our professional knowledge and expertise. We will give you general advice, with no obligation, telling you how your CV could be improved to enhance your future job prospects.

Job Hunting Guide
The job-hunting guide, tailored for your particular situation, teaches you how to maximize your job-hunting experience irrespective of whether you are a graduate just out of college or university or an experienced job-seeker.

CV distribution
We can help get your CV in front of the right people. Increasing your exposure while looking for your next great job can only be a positive thing, as your chance of getting interviews increases. With our CV distribution your CV will be mailed directly to recruiters saving you time and money.

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